Five ways to bounce back after rejection

No one bats a thousand, but you still feel bad when you don’t get the win. Find out how to recover when you strike out.

How do you come back from a setback? Here are five tips:

  1. Take the long view. In business, like sports, there will be many wins and losses. Just because you didn't win this one doesn't mean you won't win the next one or the one after that.
  2. Learn from your mistakes. Analyze what went wrong and adjust.
  3. Take a step back to leap forward. Sometimes, you have to take the time to retool your approach to selling -- or the product itself -- in order to succeed.
  4. Conquer your fear of rejection. Reframing your fear as an opportunity for growth will help you move forward.
  5. Take a break. However you relax, do it. You need to recover so you can come back fresh and fight another day.

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