Tips for building brand loyalty

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Building a brand is hard work, especially for many entrepreneurs and small businesses that have a hefty priority list of things to accomplish. Of course there are many things to focus on, like business plans, protecting IP, figuring out production and logistics, and let's not even get started on payroll and employee benefits.

Entrepreneurs put their blood, sweat and tears into their company, extolling the virtues of their company's brand to a wide range of audiences. Understanding that brand is vital. By focusing on brand building, many entrepreneurs have seen strong success.

At this year's iCONIC:Boston conference, entrepreneurs from across the country came to the Wang Theatre to discuss the hows and whys of building their brands.

"A brand really is more about the emotion and feelings behind the product or service offered," said Jordan Kaplan, owner of Petaholics.

Watch the video above to learn how entrepreneurs at iCONIC:Boston approach building their startups' brands.

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