Business after the battlefield

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The inspiration for a business can come from unexpected places. For Darrius Glover, founder and chief executive officer of Wool Fresh, it was frustration. "I was in the military, and I was tired of having to constantly change my socks multiple times at work from the sweat; I was tired of having to run through a new pack of socks because I was getting holes in the heel and toe areas; and I was tired of the girlfriend at the time complaining that I came home with smelly feet."

Glover set out to find a solution, and in the process became an entrepreneur. He launched Wool Fresh, a company with a very specific mission. "We make a performance fabric that does not stink," said Glover. So far he's been well served by both confidence and a dose of ambition. "As the entrepreneur, you're more prepared than you think. Just believe that you can do it."

We met Glover at the Boston stop on the 2016 iCONIC tour. iCONIC is a joint creation of CNBC and Inc., and draws together some of the most enterprising small businesses in the nation.

What's on the horizon for Glover and Wool Fresh? "The sock is the first product that we can create, but there are so many more opportunities that can come from this."

To learn more about Glover's story, watch the video above.

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