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David Hessekiel and Patrick LaMear run two different kinds of businesses. Hessekiel founded Cause Marketing Forum, a community that connects businesses and non-profits. LaMear is the owner of Urban Reclamations, a company that creates custom furniture from reclaimed wood. Though their companies perform very different functions, both Hessekiel and LaMear share the entrepreneurial spirit. They also are both winners of T-Mobile's Un-leash your Business contest, and each received a full T-Mobile business package, including ten devices and international access to the network.

At the final stop of the 2016 iCONIC tour, Hessekiel and LaMear sat down to discuss their good fortune, and to compare how they would use their prizes to impact their organizations. Virtual technology can benefit different types of companies in a variety of ways. For Hessekiel, the package offered the opportunity to digitalize check-in and data-capture at his conferences. For LaMear, the devices allowed him to view materials for his furniture without having to go into the field. For both entrepreneurs, the package was a welcome windfall that will help them move their businesses forward.

"It's such a funny thing to wake up one morning, walk into a ballroom, and find out that you've won a generous prize from T-Mobile," said Hessekiel.

To learn more about how the pair plans to use connectivity to grow, check out the video above.

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