Escape to Macao and uncover a world of ancient healing

A glittering city of bright lights, where history can be seen on the streets. A place where modern, glitzy hotels mingle with ancient ruins and Chinese temples. This is Macao, where old meets new and East meets West. Opulence and luxury sit side-by-side with tradition and simplicity and a journey into the mystery and wonder of Chinese culture is right at your fingertips.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), much like Macao's fascinating history, can be traced back thousands of years. The third oldest form of medicine, it is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Taoism. Using herbs and mind and body practices, these ancient techniques have sought to treat and prevent health problems of the Chinese for centuries. As TCM gains international recognition, it is not uncommon to find modern day practitioners combining their expertise from university programs with wisdom handed down by past generations.


You don't have to seek out healers in TCM clinics to reap the benefits. You'll find these practices intertwined with modern wellness treatments in the spas of Macao's luxury hotels and resorts, offering travellers the ability to experience history hands-on, returning home better than before.

Cleanse your energy

Step inside the Banyan Tree Spa for their signature Royal Banyan therapy. A pouch containing carefully selected herbs is dipped in warm sesame oil, working in harmony with East-meets-West massage techniques. Followed by a refreshing body scrub and Chinese foot massage, the treatment focuses on acupressure points to release energy blocks, allowing total relaxation.

Heal and balance

Experience the iconic Jade Stone Massage at the Four Seasons, harnessing the healing properties of Chinese Jade to balance emotions while boosting the immune system. In accordance with traditional techniques, the jade stones are carefully heated, activating their energizing ions.

Restore vitality

Unwind in the peaceful surrounds of the Iridium Spa at St Regis and be transported to a place of tranquility with a Tui Na Massage. Adapted from an energising body therapy developed in China over thousands of years, it focuses on specific acupuncture points and meridian lines within the body to release energy blockages, restoring balance and vitality.

Experience more

Indulge in a Macanese Dragon Experience and Reflexology at the Mandarin Oriental, experience the healing power of a Reflex Meridian Massage at the Ritz-Carlton or enjoy a Traditional Chinese Massage at Conrad Macao's Bodhi Spa.

Delve into a world of ancient healing methods and explore 2,500 years of tradition infused with modern wellness. Discover a city of two opposing yet complementary forces, where old and new meet, achieving the perfect harmony of Yin and Yang. Unlock the secrets of these early methods while experiencing a vibrant and fascinating culture that's uniquely Macao.

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