Potential benefits of spread trading in IRA accounts

Key Points

  • Spread strategies can be used for income generation and speculation.
  • Options spread trading is available in IRA accounts at Schwab.
  • Trading spreads at Schwab requires Level 2 options approval. Apply here.

As someone who utilizes options trading strategies, you probably already know about the advantages, characteristics, and risks of options spread strategies. Now, you can use these types of strategies in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) at Schwab. Here are just a few example strategies available to you:

Income generation strategies designed for bullish, bearish, and neutral forecasts

  • As a way to generate income, many clients sell Cash-Secured Equity Puts (CSEPs) on equities they would not mind owning. This can be an effective income strategy, but selling put spreads can also generate income while potentially reducing risk versus the CSEP strategy. If you typically sell CSEPs and are neutral to bullish on an individual stock or ETF, consider selling out-of-the-money vertical put credit spreads to generate income.
  • It can be a bit challenging to take bearish positions in IRA accounts since trading regulations disallow shorting individual equities. If you are neutral to bearish on an individual stock or ETF, and you're looking to generate income, selling out-of-the-money vertical call credit spreads is a strategy available in your IRA.
  • If you think an individual stock or ETF will stay within a defined price range, selling iron condors is one of a short list of strategies that could potentially generate portfolio income.

Lower-cost speculation

  • For clients who utilize long options for speculative reasons, there are alternatives. Trading vertical debit spreads, instead of simply buying long options, is one way to partially offset your speculation costs (it will however limit your maximum gain on the trade).

As with any equity spread strategy, there is assignment risk with short options positions. This means you could be obligated to sell shares of an equity/ETF you may not own (in the case of short calls) or buy shares of an equity/ETF (in the case of short puts). So, it's important to monitor your positions closely. Also, keep in mind that trading options spreads in IRA accounts at Schwab requires Level 2 options approval, a minimum of $25K in account equity, and enough cash available to cover the options spread requirements.

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