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Adventures in Saudi


Adventures inSaudi

Travel alongside Mac and Mabelle as they uncover Saudi’s best experiences and share the keys to the Kingdom.


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Episode 3


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with travelers Mac and Mabelle as they journey into the heart of Saudi.

From desert escapades in AlUla to indulgent feasts in the vibrant streets of Jeddah, discover a side to Saudi never seen before.
Along the way, meet four homegrown changemakers shaping the country’s transformation from the inside out.


Meet the movers and shakers of Saudi, who reveal a side of the country you never imagined.

A superstar DJ turning up the volume on Saudi’s thumping dance music. A chef fusing new and ancient flavors in the country’s farthest corners. A champion freediver exploring the vibrant wildlife from the Red Sea. A contemporary artist mixing culture and cubism, putting Jeddah’s art scene on the map. Take it from these four trailblazers: Saudi is going to surprise you.

  • DiscoverADVENTURE

    Salma Ahmed Shaker

    Plunge Into the Red Sea with a Saudi Freediving Champion

  • DiscoverCULTURE

    Faisal Alkheriji

    Explore Saudi’s Burgeoning Art Scene Through the Eyes of This Painter

  • DiscoverFOOD

    Hisham Baeshen

    Saudi Chef Shares Flavors Worth the Trip.

  • DiscoverLIFESTYLE


    Turning Up the Volume of the Booming Saudi Music Scene

Say hello to Saudi

Saudi is eagerly inviting visitors the world over to discover its unexplored ancient wonders and modern marvels.

On this ancient land where cultures have thrived for thousands of years, visitors will find much more than meets the eye. From Jeddah’s vibrant food and art scenes to the Red Sea’s stunning dive sites to the luxury villas dotting the ancient landscapes of AlUla, Saudi’s riches are going to surprise you.

Visitors from over 60 countries can easily apply for e-visas online. Getting there, getting around and staying in comfort has never been easier.

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