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Planting the seed in Austin: watch what
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Seed to scale for a better future with HPE

In the digital age, an idea can change our lives and our world in an instant. It can turn a thought into a business and a thinker into a billionaire.

Great tech ideas can sprout anywhere. But seeds need to be cultivated, and sometimes it takes a special place and a special time to help them thrive.

AngelHack is a hackathon series where some of the smartest and most creative minds in the world compete to build the next big app and become the next big thing. One team wins. Everyone else goes home. There are no second chances and no do-overs.

In November 2016, 13 startups landed in San Francisco to sell their visions. This was the final round of AngelHack’s 9th Global Hackathon series, and these teams were the best of the best. Chosen from more than 1,043 hopefuls from 61 cities around the globe, only the top one percent of entries made it this far.

Seed follows startup teams from Kenya, Palestine and Palo Alto as they prepare for Global Demo Day. It’s the American dream, but on a global scale and with the immediacy of the digital age.

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