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The Unstoppables 3


What does it take to be unstoppable? In the latest installment of our documentary series, The Unstoppables, EY Global Entrepreneurship takes you on a journey of discovery into the character, ambition and humanity of three of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Learn how they channeled their vision, challenges and successes to scale innovative businesses that disrupt industries and build a better working world.

The Unstoppables 3

Gaston Taratuta

The Unstoppables 3

Falguni Nayar

The Unstoppables 3

Dr. Zhou Lihan

Meet the Unstoppables

  • Gaston TaratutaAleph Group
  • Falguni NayarNykaa
  • Dr. Zhou LihanMiREX

A sales and marketing veteran, Gaston Tarantula saw a lack of opportunity for companies and advertisers in emerging countries to connect to the world's biggest digital platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. In 2005, he founded Internet Media Services (IMS), which was later combined with similar acquired businesses to form Aleph Group. Today, Aleph is a distinguished global advertising holding company, with a presence in 90 markets and a footprint across four continents.

“You are the CEO of your life.”
Falguni Nayar

Trailblazer Falguni Nayar was just shy of her 50th birthday when she quit a career in banking to follow her dream of creating India's leading beauty retailer, Nykaa. Her goal was to provide a much richer choice of products for consumers. In just 10 years, she has created a beauty and fashion empire that employs over 2,900 people and sells more than 4,000 brands. Nykaa has also launched The Responsible Collection, featuring a mix of sustainability-focused labels. The company now retails over 50 sustainable brands and regularly engages in corporate social initiatives to provide care to those in need.

“If you keep your hopes high and your intentions high, then the fears don't come.”
dr zhour

Lihan is on a mission to save and improve lives. As the CEO of MiRXES, a biotechnology company from Singapore that uses blood tests to detect major cancers in the early stage of the disease, the company's goal is to make early cancer detection routine and affordable. Its first product in 2019, GASTROClear, was the world's first blood test for early detection of gastric cancer. Today, GASTROClear is available to patients at a fraction of the cost of other diagnostic tests, fulfilling the company's mission of delivering accurate, accessible and affordable early-detection tests to all.

“We have to do what's difficult to achieve what is great.”

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The Unstoppables

What does it take to be unstoppable?

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What does it take to be unstoppable?

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