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Albert Bozzo

Albert Bozzo
Senior Features Editor

Albert Bozzo is senior news editor in charge of features and specials at CNBC.com. Most recently he was executive producer and director of video programming at Forbes.com. In the past seven years, Bozzo has held senior news room positions at several Internet sites. In addition, he spent 15 years in financial TV, including a variety of senior positions at CNN and Bloomberg in London and New York. Bozzo is the recipient of such industry awards as CableACE and Overseas Press Club. He holds degrees from Beloit College and Columbia University.


  • retirement-road-sign-200.jpg

    Retirement — especially in the global economy of the 21st century in which jobs are scarce and life-prolonging medical procedures plentiful — may be the financial challenge of our lives. Our special report examines the different challenges of three American generations (Boomer, X, and Y).

  • The Green Advantage

    Green is alive, if not entirely well, and certainly bigger than ever. As we highlight Earth Day as part of our "Green Is Universal" initiative, our mission is to show that green first and foremost is a business, and, at times, a transformative one.

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    While President Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in most head-to-head polls, CNBC’s latest All-America Economic Survey shows the president is still vulnerable on critical pocketbook issues.

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    The digital revolution has gone far beyond the Internet, smart phone and GPS device in your vehicle. And though these devices have made life and work faster and easier, that may not be all for the good.

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    With the stock market and the economy looking their strongest in years, there's reason for optimism. Guarded optimism, that is. Debt remains a big issue for the consumer and the nation.

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    In the second edition of CNBC's special report, we take a look at the volatile, yet lucrative world of commodities and what's in the sights of both bulls and bears.

  • President Barack Obama addressing a town hall in Elyria, OH.

    Eight months before the vote, the re-election of President Obama looks more likely than ever, thanks to the escalating recovery of the stock market and economy, say analysts, and may soon make the bad times of 2009 and 2010 the distant past for many voters

  • Better Your Business - A CNBC Special Report

    Our special report shows how success is about new investment, new applications, and new markets — smart growth driven by innovation and excellence.

  • Every year, 2,500 of the globe’s biggest thinkers and doers – ranging from finance to politics – gather in the small Swiss alpine resort of Davos for the World Economic Forum to take on the problems of humankind. It’s a major media event, worthy of a CNBC.com quiz.

  • Our special report focuses on the  financial decisions that will pay off throughout the year — saving, preserving, allocating and investing money.