American Greed American Greed: Season 2

  • Financier Martin Frankel, a con-man who vanished with $200 million! A story of money laundering, prostitution, bizarre sex and drug abuse.

  • A major charity scam...John Bennett's "Foundation for New Era Philanthropy" stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting patrons. Also, Eric Stein, mastermind of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Nevada History, cost his victims nearly $34 million dollars.

  • A dark night. A clever plan. $300 million in art is stolen from a Boston museum. Paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Manuet disappear into the night! After that, a man of faith. But this pastor preys on his flock. Trusting Christians from small, struggling churches hand over their savings to better their communities. But instead, they are swindled out of $10 million.

  • A religious man leads a deceptive life and scams investors out of more than $600 million! The rise and fall of Scientologist minister Reed Slatkin is a story of "American Greed." Then after, enter the mysterious world of art fraud. An elaborate sting operation exposes Dr. Vilas Likhite....a doctor stripped of his medical license who begins a new career as a con man selling fake art treasures!

  • Patients are at risk. A respected pharmacist is on the take. Robert Courtney mixes a prescription of greed... diluting life-saving drugs and the hopes of cancer patients.

  • Inside the WorldCom Scam - Bernard Ebbers, CEO of WorldCom, rises from rags to riches. But the "telecom cowboy" becomes the poster child for everything that went wrong on Wall Street in the 1990's. Then later, a storyline that reads like a Hollywood script: Joseph Medawar is a hotshot television producer. He creates a new action packed adventure series based on real-life national security cases. But there's no show.... only a scam to rob investors out of millions of dollars!

  • A conman. Some say an "evil genius." The once- chairman of Cybernet, a wildly successful global technology company, stands accused of stealing millions in an elaborate fraud. American Greed profiles one of the biggest scams of the 21st century!

  • Dennis Kozlowski, once described as "The Most Aggressive CEO in America," now sits behind bars. A poster boy of excess, the former CEO of Tyco stole millions from his company, using the money for a lavish party, a gilded shower curtain and expensive art. American Greed goes behind prison walls for a rare glimpse into Kozlowski's personal life and one of the biggest cases of white collar theft in U.S. history.

  • It's called the "Miracle Car Club." Two young men take investors for a ride to the tune of more than $21 million. American Greed profiles one of the largest car scams in U.S. history! It sounds too good to be true. Then, an offshore bank promises astronomical returns to investors...100% guaranteed. But, the bank is a sham and investors lose more than $170 million!

  • Dana Giacchetto advises Hollywood's hottest stars... and finds his own fame and fortune. But, his star-power fades when nearly $10 million goes missing! After that, a behind-the-scenes look at the rarefied world of art auctions.

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