America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15

America's Gun: Rise of the AR-15

  • The AR-15's use in the mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora has thrust it into the national spotlight, but just the threat of a ban has been a boon to its sales.

  • Cody Wilson is spearheading a method of firearm manufacture that allows absolutely anyone to build an untraceable gun by downloading gun designs and printing out parts on a 3-D printer.

  • Farrah Soudani, survivor of  2012 shooting in Aurora, Colorado movie theater.
    By: Sara Wiesenfeld, Special to CNBC.com

    A survivor of the deadly shooing in Aurora, Colorado says she's not for banning assault weapons. Farrah Soudani was grievously wounded by an AR-15 assault weapon.

  • Women at a women's gun club fire AR-15 assault rifles.
    By: Caitlin O'Kane, Special to CNBC.com

    "The AR-15 is becoming extremely popular among women," said Juliana Crowder, president and co-founder of A Girl and a Gun.

  • Hog Hunting With the AR-15

    Many enthusiasts of the AR-15 rifle say it's great for hunting. CNBC tagged along on a feral hog hunt in Georgia.

  • I Am a Typical AR-15 Owner

    To get a better understanding of the AR-15's immense popularity and go beyond the cliches, CNBC interviews Mike Barr, a dentist from Boynton Beach, Florida. When he isn't drilling a tooth, he's drilling a target with his AR-15.

  • How the AR-15 Works

    Brian Schuetz, president of Olympic Arms, explains to CNBC's Brian Sullivan how seven pounds of metal and plastic come together to make the AR-15 work.

About America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15

  • It is both legal and lethal, seven pounds of steel and plastic that can fire a bullet at roughly 3,000 feet-per-second. To some, the AR-15 is a brilliant piece of engineering and a symbol of one of America’s most basic freedoms. To others, it is an obscenity, an assault weapon with no justifiable place in civilian hands. For both sides, the rifle used in the Newtown and Aurora shootings has become a lightning rod in a wrenching debate over what a gun like this is for and whether anyone should have one. CNBC’s Brian Sullivan examines the controversy and the rise of the AR-15, the rock star of America’s gun industry.

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