Women are scarce among America's top-paying jobs

Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, a reminder of the stubborn income inequality between men and women, also known as the gender pay gap.

Overall, a woman makes about 76 cents for every dollar a man does.

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USA fans with an 'Equal Play Equal Pay' banner supporting the women players fight for equal pay with their male counterparts during the USA Vs Colombia

One reason for the pay differential, which increases with age, is how men and women sort into occupations and industries with varying earnings potential.

Among the country's highest-paying jobs, women are substantially underrepresented nearly across the board, according to a new report by LinkedIn. Even when comparing the sexes with the same job title at the same company and using similar education and experience, the gap persists. The networking site analyzed the gender breakdown among the top 100 highest paying jobs in America based on its own salary data.

How women are represented among the top 10 highest paying jobs in America

Job Title
% of Women In Role
Total Compensation (Includes Bonus/Stock)
Orthopaedic Surgeon 7% $450,000
Chief Revenue Officer 19% $400,000
Chief Risk Officer 27% $390,000
Cardiologist 21% $382,000
Tax Partner 25% $376,000
Radiologist 27% $374,000
Anesthesiologist 27% $350,000
Surgeon 20% $350,000
Chief Medical Officer 21% $338,000
Emergency Physician 27% $314,000
Special Counsel 41% $300,000
Source: LinkedIn

In the most lucrative professions, women make up less than 30 percent in each role. Orthopaedic surgeon, for example, was the highest-paying job overall and has nearly 13 men to every woman in the field.

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The shift in favor of women's earning power has been pronounced in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to a separate analysis by Federal Reserve economists.

Still, women are highly underrepresented in STEM careers as well. Six of the top 10 roles with the lowest female representation were tech jobs, LinkedIn said.

Careers where women are highly underrepresented

Job Title
% of Women In Role
Total Compensation (Includes Bonus/Stock)
Chief Technology Officer 5% $190,000
Vice President of Engineering 5% $200,000
Director of System Engineering 7% $190,000
Orthopaedic Surgeon 7% $450,000
Senior Director of Engineering 9% $239,000
Chief Information Security Officer 10% $190,000
Chief Investment Officer 10% $250,000
Senior Vice President Investment 10% $200,000
Vice President Information Technology 13% $195,000
Vice President Sales Business Development 13% $190,000
Source: LinkedIn

Although more women are pursuing STEM jobs, "You see a stark drop-off in the number of women every step of the way, in terms of advancement," said Paul Ko, LinkedIn's head of economic graph analytics. "The pipeline has virtually evaporated."

Of chief technology officers, a job that pays a median base salary of $190,000, only 5 percent were women.

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The gender gap was smaller, or closed, when it came to jobs in human resources, marketing and health care. There were just three top-paying positions — all in human resources — where the number of women exceeded the number of men.

Jobs where women are well-represented In the workforce

Job Title
% of Women In Role
Total Compensation (Includes Bonus/Stock)
Vice President Human Resources 68% $190,000
Senior Vice President Human Resources 66% $272,000
Chief Human Resources Officer 64% $201,000
Senior Director of Marketing 49% $190,000
Senior Corporate Counsel 48% $212,000
Hospitalist 48% $230,000
Global Marketing Director 48% $190,000
Family Physician 47% $200,000
Associate General Counsel 46% $242,000
Vice President Marketing 45% $195,000
Source: LinkedIn
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