The next Apple Watch will let you get online without your iPhone nearby, says report

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Apple CEO Tim Cook displays his personal Apple Watch to customers at an Apple Store on April 10, 2015 in Palo Alto, California.

You might be able to connect to the internet from the new Apple Watch even when your iPhone isn't nearby.

Bloomberg said on Friday that Apple is building a new version of the Apple Watch with built-in cellular modems from Intel. Reports in previous years have suggested this might happen and watches from LG and Samsung already offer similar options.

Typically, users need to pay for data connectivity from a wireless carrier, about $10 a month, for the added functionality. Doing so, however, lets the watch receive news alerts, weather updates, notifications and more, even if a user leaves his or her iPhone at home. It would also let you place phone calls.

Apple refreshed its Apple Watch last September and we expect the new model will be out around that time this year.

Read the full report from Bloomberg.

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