A new 'smart' mirror syncs up your shower, toothbrush and beauty regimen

At least one smart home device is moving into the bathroom. CareOS's is a smart mirror with facial recognition, 4D imaging and touchless interaction that is designed to help you with your beauty regimen.

CareOS's connected bathroom box — the Health & Beauty Hub — syncs a number of smart devices into a single mirror, letting users control their showers, toothbrushes and beauty regimens from the same display.

For example: A smart toothbrush by Kolibree would keep track of how well you've brushed your teeth, and send that data to the mirror for display. Next time you miss those back molars, you and your mirror will know.

The system saves and protects personal data on a private network. The first units will be available to ship this fall.

CareOS unveiled the technology at the annual CES conference in Las Vegas.

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