Apple loses $64 billion in stock value as Wall Street is in 'full panic mode' on iPhone demand

Disappointing guidance from key iPhone suppliers is raising worries about Apple shares and could signal the death of the technology-driven stock rally.

Apple's stock is cumulatively down 7.1 percent in the three trading sessions through Monday, wiping out $63.9 billion of shareholder value. The decline was sparked by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing's weaker-than-expected guidance Thursday morning.

The world's largest semiconductor foundry and key Apple chip partner said its revenue forecast range for the second quarter is $7.8 billion to $7.9 billion versus the Wall Street estimate of $8.8 billion. The company blamed "weak demand" in the mobile sector for its forecast.

"Heading into Apple's much anticipated March (FY2Q18) quarter next week the Street has gone into 'full panic mode' as supply chain checks out of Asia indicate that June iPhone shipments are trending well below expectations," GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a note to clients Tuesday.

One veteran industry analyst believes TSMC's poor guidance is a precursor to a chip sector and stock market drop.

"TSM's warning this A.M. likely puts the kibosh on the semiconductor (SOX) rally. SOX is a leading indicator for overall stock market and has been rock-solid (relative strength) past 2 yrs. Additionally it's open season on AAPL, the highest valued stock, and its suppliers," Fred Hickey, editor of High Tech Strategist, wrote in on social media Thursday.

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