• The cost of avocados will likely increase if President Trump's newest trade threat of 5% tariffs on Mexico goes into effect.
  • The U.S. gets most of its supply of the popular fruit from Mexico. According to Stephens analyst Ben Bienvenu, Mexican crop has accounted for 80% to 90% of avocado volumes entering the U.S. supply for the full year.
  • Prices for the popular fruit are already up about 60% this year.
  • Shares of Chipotle — which goes through more than 450,000 avocados per day — fall 2% Friday while shares of Calavo Growers, which imports avocados, drop as much as 4%.

Avocado toast and that extra side of guacamole are probably going to get more expensive if President Donald Trump's newest trade threat becomes a reality.

The United States gets the vast majority of its supply of the popular fruit from Mexico. If Trump's surprise threat of 5% tariffs on imports from the country is carried out, companies ranging from importers such as Calavo Growers to restaurants such as Chipotle Mexican Grill will likely start paying more. And analysts say the increases are likely to get passed onto consumers.