• Goldman Sachs said that it plans to spend $750 billion over the next decade financing and advising companies focused on sustainable finance themes such as climate transition and inclusive growth.
  • "There are large opportunities. There are large markets. When we see that, we see need, and we see opportunity," John Goldstein, who heads Goldman Sachs' sustainable finance group, said Thursday on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."
  • ESG investing — or strategies that take a company’s environmental, social and governance factors into consideration — now accounts for more than $30 trillion worldwide in assets under management.
  • "There is so much ideological, almost philosophical, baggage that needs to get stripped away to get to the investing question ... Sometimes this field has too many adjectives, not enough nouns and verbs," Goldstein said.

Goldman Sachs is making a big push into sustainable finance not because it makes sense from an ideological standpoint, but because it makes sense from a business perspective.

As themes relating to climate transition and inclusive growth play out, the firm sees big potential ahead.