• A study from Evidation Health with 160,000 U.S. participants, including 68,000 with fitness trackers, examined how people are feeling, moving and sleeping while under orders to stay home to combat the spread of coronavirus. 
  • It found that people are moving less in all states and sleeping more. 
  • People are also feeling increased anxiety and a willingness to talk to a doctor over the phone or internet. 
San Francisco resident Laurie Farr tries out a Fitbit Ionic

While Americans are home, under orders to stay indoors or self-quarantine to slow the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, they're moving less and sleeping more, according to a new study using data from over 68,000 fitness trackers. The research included Apple Watches, Fitbits and Garmin smartwatches. 

The COVID-19 Pulse study, conducted by Evidation Health, found that activity levels in the United States were down 39% on Tuesday, March 24 compared to activity recorded on March 1. In New York City alone, the data shows that physical activity dropped 50% during the week the city ordered residents to stay home.