• These California doctors and nurses just returned from the Navajo Nation.
  • They say that Covid-19 is a "terrible virus" and we need to do more to protect our most vulnerable. 
  • Long-term solutions are needed, they say, including access to housing, transportation and clean water, as well as more supplies to treat Covid-19. 
A group of medical providers gathering at the Gallup Indian Medical Center

Dr. Jeanne Noble has worked all over the world as an emergency medicine physician. So when the hospital where she works, UC San Francisco, asked if anyone was willing to fly out to the Navajo Nation and help with an escalating Covid-19 outbreak, she eagerly volunteered. 

The Navajo Nation, which reported its first Covid-19 case in mid-March, has seen infection rates per capita among the highest in the country. Thus far, there have been 8,000 cases and more than 300 deaths. The reservation, which is home to more than 170,000 people, is spread out across the varied desert landscape of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The people refer to themselves as the Diné.