• In a document seen by CNBC, Poland and the Baltic States called for sanctions on the civil nuclear energy activities too.
  • According to data published by Europe's statistics office Eurostat in 2021 — the year that preceded Russia's invasion of Ukraine — Moscow was the third biggest provider of uranium to the EU.
  • Asked whether a new set of actions to target Russia would feature nuclear energy, a spokesperson for the European Commission said the institution has no comment on ongoing confidential discussions.
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Germany and other EU countries are looking to sanction Russian nuclear energy.

Germany, Poland and a few other EU nations are pushing for sanctions on Russian nuclear energy, as the bloc looks at new ways to hurt the Kremlin's revenues amid Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

The 27 European nations have sanctioned Russian seaborne oil, coal and significantly cut purchases of natural gas from Moscow in the wake of its war with Ukraine. However, some nations believe it is time to do more.