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Chewy's year-to-date stock performance.

Chewy: "They are pivoting in a way that makes me feel that they have got the right numbers. I am excited about the fact that they have got religion about making money too."

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Enterprise Products Partners year-to-date stock performance.

Enterprise Products Partners: "They are the foremost natural gas liquids pipeline in the country, and after what I saw today with Magellan getting a bit from Oneok, I'm liking Enterprise even more."

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Coinbase Global's year-to-date stock performance.

Coinbase Global: "I'm not a believer in Coinbase because I don't like companies that pick fights with the SEC, it's just too hard. The SEC plays with unlimited capital and they're not to be trifled with."

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Triple Flag Precious Metals' year-to-date stock performance.

Triple Flag Precious Metals: "I like that company so much, I think it's terrific, and I do like the precious metals. By the way Newmont deal, there is so much happening in the gold world that I like so much right now."

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GSK PLC's year-to-date stock performance.

GSK PLC: "I think Dame Emma Walmsley is putting together a very good suite of vaccines that will reflect very well on the company's future earnings power. I'm going to say you can buy GSK."

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Amgen's year-to-date stock performance.

Amgen: "It's an inexpensive stock, but it's inexpensive for a reason. It doesn't have the earnings power that I really want. I think the company needs a bit of a shake-up, there are so many other pharmaceutical companies that I like more. I'm going to have to send you to Eli Lilly."

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IONQ's year-to-date stock performance.

IONQ: "It's intriguing, but it's losing money, and I remember Jensen Huang first telling me, 'listen, quantum computing is where it will be, but it's not there yet.' This company is losing too much money for me to be able to get behind, but I do like your sentiment. There will come a time, but not yet."

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Snowflake's year-to-date stock performance.

Snowflake: "Snowflake is kind of a rent-the-runway of the cloud, and I think they're terrific at it. I will back Frank Slootman, even though the company's not currently making money, I'll wave my rules and say, 'buy Snowflake."

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