• Digital banking startup Revolut is launching travel eSIM plans in the U.K. that give users access to data abroad without suffering roaming charges.
  • The product launch is a rare step for a financial services company, and is part of Revolut's long-term ambition to become "super app" with multiple services spanning finance and travel.
  • Subscribers to Revolut’s Ultra subscription tier will get access to 3GB of data for use across different countries, which resets every month.
Revolut is launching a travel eSIM plan in the U.K., in a rare move for a financial services firm.

British financial technology company Revolut is launching phone plans in the U.K., the company has told CNBC exclusively, making it the first financial services firm in the country to offer telecom plans — and among the first globally.

The digital banking and payments unicorn said it will start offering eSIMs — SIM cards that can be stored virtually rather than in physical form in the device — this week. The plans will begin rolling out for users in the coming days.