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  • Luxury Goods Showing Mixed Picture: Pro

    Rahul Sharma, founder and Managing Director at Neev Capital, tells CNBC that the Chinese consumer is becoming pickier about brands and not all luxury names will perform well in Asia.

  • Tiffany & Co.

    One analyst tells CNBC why he thinks the stock has bottomed and could be "poised to bounce pretty nicely."

  • Luxury Hanging on the 'Cliff'

    Tom Chin, Telsey Advisory Group, discusses this season's weak retail numbers and its impact on high-end retailers.

  • Manolo Blahnik executives, George Malkemus & Tony Yurgaitis.

    The same executives who hope you add $595 Manolo Blahniks to your holiday shopping list also want a spot in your grocery cart.

  • Many presents fit comfortably in a stocking convey indulgence and extravagance. CNBC.com presents 10 luxury gifts whose small sizes are offset by large price tags.

  • Burberry CEO Talks Luxury Market

    Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts discusses how luxury sales are performing this holiday season; and the Fast Money traders weigh in with the top trades in retail.

  • HK luxury: Prada, Tod or Burberry?

    Erwan Rambourg, Head of Consumer and Retail, HSBC shares his favorite luxury stock picks.

  • Luxury Is Where You Want to Be: CEO

    Beat Wittmann, CEO and partner at Dynapartners, tells CNBC that luxury firms offer a compelling investment opportunity.

  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

    Victoria’s Secret angels strut down the runway in a televised special tonight.

  • Can Luxury Hold Up in China?

    Scilla Huang, portfolio manager at Swiss Global Asset Management, tells CNBC that while some luxury companies may be affected by a general slowdown in China, others such as Coach and Hermes are reporting very solid growth.

  • How a Too-Tight Dress Turned Into a Business

    Carrie Hammer, an advertising executive in New York, found herself in an uncomfortable situation. Shopping at a department store, she would find a dress she liked and try it on. Size 6 was too small – but size 8 was, well, too big.

  • Chinese Shoppers Resort to Hand-Me-Down Hermes

    As China’s economy slows, shoppers are slowly overcoming the stigma of wearing“pre-owned” luxury goods.

  • Coach Still Sees Growth in China: CEO

    Unlike for many European luxury brands, China remains a strong market for Coach, Lew Frankfort, CEO of the high-end leather goods company, said Tuesday.

  • Mulberry Stock Plunge Sends Chill Down Luxury Sector

    Call it two-for-two. For the second time in as many months, a London-listed luxury company has warned on its profits, sending a shock wave through the luxury goods sector.

  • As Asia Slows, Luxury Watchmakers Count on Elite Buyers

    As Asia Slows, Luxury Watchmakers Count on Elite Buyers

  • A jewelry display in a luxury shopping mall in Shanghai

    A new study says there are 2,725 women in China worth $30 million or more. They are a huge market for luxury marketers — provided the luxury companies predict their desires accurately.

  • Luxury Market on the Move: Report

    CNBC's Courtney Reagan takes a look at a recent report that shows consumers are still shelling out money for luxury products, despite growing economic concerns among some businesses.

  • Mass Market and Luxury Retail Attractive: CEO

    Beat Wittmann, CEO & partner at Dynapartners, tells CNBC the characteristic of the last few years is that the mass market retailers like H&M and Zara will continue to do very well, as well as very high end luxury retail.

  • Will Amazon Be the New Fashion Catwalk?

    Big fashion brands are fretting over whether to offer their wares on Amazon as its move into clothing forces them to decide if the website is a lucrative new sales channel or a threat to their prestige

  • People walk in front of an Estee Lauder advertisement at a metro station in Shanghai, China.

    Many multinational companies simply create a new product or two specifically for the Chinese market. But the Estée Lauder Companies, which already sells 12 of its 28 cosmetics brands in China, is taking that concept further: adding an entirely new brand. The NYT reports.