Asia Tomorrow


  • Until he got the call Han Lei was living the American dream: working one of the most demanding jobs at Dreamworks' lighting department.

  • Jet Li, Chinese actor.

    Asia, home to some of the world's biggest and fastest-growing economies, is a region of change.

  • A worker leaves traditional, long noodles to dry in the sun in Singkawang, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

    A strong economy and political uncertainty in neighboring nations means Indonesia is poised to become Asia's new manufacturing hub, experts say.

  • India's roads are notorious as commuters navigate congestion and disorderly infrastructure, but a taxi boom is driving a change in the taxi system.

  • Steel kitchen utensils being sold at the Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad, India.

    India's new government may be the catalyst for the next global commodity supercycle, according to HSBC.

  • The Asian consumer: an era in which the middle class transforms Asian manufacturing and infrastructure with ramifications for the global economy.

  • Seven & I Holdings Co. new employees take notes during an initiation ceremony in Tokyo.

    With Japan facing an aging population and a looming labor shortage, more investors see opportunities in efforts to lure women into the workforce.

  • Territorial spats between China and its neighbors have precipitated a groundswell of nationalism in Asia, which, threatens to destabilize the region.

  • China looks set to overtake the US as the world's largest economy, but how do they compare on other key measures?


As emerging Asia transitions into a global economic power, it faces a host of challenges including rising inequality, increasing geo-political tensions, graying nations and climate change. We look how the world's most populous region is coping with the unprecedented changes, what policymakers are doing and what this means for businesses and investors.


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