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Austin Hill

Austin Hill
Source: Brudder Ventures

Austin Hill is an entrepreneur and active investor. In 1997 Austin co-founded Zero–Knowledge Systems, which became the largest and most funded research company focused around cypherpunk technologies for privacy, anonymity, and electronic cash. The company also pioneered anonymous networking technology and invented cryptographic identity trust metric systems.

Since leaving Zero–Knowledge in 2006 Austin has been an active investor, game designer, and a neuroscientist researcher who designed happiness games based on gift economics and social capital. Austin has been involved in the founding of approximately 300 companies as an investor, board member or active instigating participant.

In 2013 Adam Back inventor of bitcoin's HashCash proof of work system, a former cypher scientist at Zero Knowledge, reunited with Austin to found the BlockStream Project. Joined by other founding team members, the BlockStream project includes many of the core developers of bitcoin responsible for the recent invention of the side chain technologies. The company's founding mission is to digitize the entire planet's assets for the betterment of mankind.