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  • Ford Sync

    A few years ago, CES was an interesting side note before the Detroit Auto Show. No longer. As technology and in-car connectivity become a bigger factor in why people buy a car or truck, it's imperative for the automakers to make a big splash at CES.

  • Morningstar, the big rater of mutual fund performance, named managers from Sequoia, Janus and Templeton as its top fund managers of the year.

  • Morningstar, the big rater of mutual fund performance, named managers from Sequoia, Janus and Templeton as its top fund managers of the year.

  • The OnStar safety system is escaping from the boundaries of General Motors and will be available in the spring to people who own cars and trucks made by other auto companies.

  • Ford truck grille

    General Motors says its U.S. sales for December of 2010 were up 16 percent over the same time in 2009. This was much better than analysts had expected.

  • Tustin Toyota dealership in Tustin, California.

    December sales delivered few surprises. They were better than expected, with the GM, Ford and Chrysler all ending the year on a roll. And then there is Toyota.

  • General Motors posted a stronger-than-expected U.S. sales report in December, but Dave Whiston, auto analyst at Morningstar and David Silver, equity research analyst at Wall Street Strategies posed opposing views on the automaker’s stock.

  • CNBC_paris_air_show2011_140.jpg

    Could driving a minivan, the ultimate embodiment of the suburban family vehicle, ever be considered cool? The New York Times reports.

  • Toyota headquarters

    Seven insurance companies have sued Toyota Motor in an attempt to recover money paid to cover crashes they blame on sudden acceleration.

  • Chrysler grille

    After more than a year of quietly taking important steps to get Chrysler breathing again, CEO Sergio Marchionne is making it clear this is the year the company will take some big steps.

  • The Nissan Leaf

    This was the year General Motors and Nissan made good on their promise to bring mass-produced electric cars to the market. But don't count on seeing one in traffic soon.

  • Job numbers, equipment orders and capital expenditures, even sales of recreational vehicles, are seen as  economic indicators. Here’s another: the Tournament of Roses parade on Saturday, New Year’s Day, in Pasadena, Calif.

  • happy_new_year_200.jpg

    It is what will lead the U.S. economy to a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle of increases in production, income, and spending, and it is what will enable risk assets to continue to outperform less risky assets. This condition will prevail for a while. The path to successful investing is to ride these trends and get off before they are discredited, says bond expert Tony Crescenzi.

  • 090413_Fortune_Cover_Buffet.jpg

    A missed sales target caps a tough year for shares of BYD, the Chinese electric car company backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

  • General Motors Headquarters

    I was waiting for this. As soon as GM stock started to pick up momentum or get buy ratings on Wall Street, the "anti-GM brigade" would immediately scream.

  • Bullet train in China

    California is about to embark on its biggest infrastructure project in decades, a project that isn't fully funded, where predictions of profitability are being questioned, and which depends largely on the American taxpayer.

  • As stocks ended mixed ahead of the Christmas holiday, the "Fast Money" traders discuss the market movers they were most interested in.

  • Predictions_2011_Badge.jpg

    Thank you Ben Bernanke. Thank you lame duck Congress and President Obama. Because of you we have a holiday gift fit for a king in the form of quantitative easing and massive tax cuts.

  • porsche_cayenne_200.jpg

    For the moment, price tag and paycheck don't matter when it comes to providing tax credits to buyers of hybrid cars. Several luxury brands qualify for credits worth thousands of dollars, but only if drivers buy before the end of the year.

  • The president and CEO of TD Bank Group, Ed Clark, told CNBC Tuesday that the acquisition of Chrysler Financial will add $100 million to its earnings in 2012, then north of that in 2013.