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  • Darth Vader

    In a crowded field of Super Bowl ads for the car companies, Volkswagen has scored early with a commercial attracting scores of viewers before it even airs during the game Sunday.

  • Audi

    I hope the Super Bowl will be as exciting as expected. The commercials, that is. USA Today reports that six automakers will create a traffic jam during commercial breaks on Sunday, promoting nine different brands.

  • oil_new_1.jpg

    AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson calls it the "freak out point." It's the price for a gallon of gas when consumers will freak out and make a conscious decision to change their driving habits, the type of car or truck they will buy, or perhaps decide not to buy at all.

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    It's a common complaint, I hear and yes, have even lodged myself: red light cameras are ridiculous and a tool cities use just to rake in money through tickets. We like to portray ourselves as victims. After all, our driving is never the problem right?

  • Chrysler grille

    The skeptics will yawn at Chrysler's fourth quarter financial results. Yes, they were not spectacular (net loss of $199 million with and operating profit of $198 million) compared with the rest of the auto industry

  • The bears say no, but let’s hear it straight from the source—the CEO.

  • The "Mad Money" host reveals his plans for the days to come.

  • Plus, get calls on the Nasdaq’s pullback, Ford’s earnings and more.

  • Ford

    Ford Motor posted disappointing fourth-quarter earnings, after a charge for debt payments, higher costs to launch new vehicles, increasing commodity prices and a loss in its European operations. The news sent its shares down significantly, over 10 percent, on Friday.

  • Ford

    When a company posts a quarterly profit of 30 cents a share and Wall Street is expecting 48 cents, something is seriously screwed up. And you can blame it one of three things.

  • Hyundai

    In an industry that has been putting up big numbers since getting out of intensive care, one of the most impressive performances has come from Hyundai. look at the fourth quarter and 2010 earnings posted by the company early this morning.

  • Mike Khouw of Cantor Fitzgerald explains how to game Ford Motor ahead of its earnings release Friday morning.

  • Tustin Toyota dealership in Tustin, California.

    Given the long and growing record of recalls and bad press, you'd expect Toyota to lose millions of customers. And yes, while its sales have not grown as fast as the industry in the last year, Toyota is still the world's largest automaker....here's why.

  • There are a few ways to trade it, but the "Mad Money" host this stock has the most juice.

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    A new technology designed to protect drivers from potentially deadly collisions and stop thousands of fender-benders is moving closer to being a standard part of every car and truck. In fact, it could be in every new car within the next five to six years.

  • Steering wheel

    Covering the auto industry I've seen some amazing technology over the years, but the latest crash avoidance system I tested in Detroit last week ranks among the most fascinating. It's called Intellidrive.

  • Gm Building

    They'll tell you in Detroit, being #1 isn't the most important thing. After all, it's profits not market share that matters. But you can bet GM wanted to pass up Toyota for the global sales title.

  • Gm Building

    General Motors says it sold more cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S. for the first time in its 102-year history.

  • GM building

    There's a puzzling line of complaints/digs being hurled at General Motors about its plan to run ads during the Super Bowl. It goes something like this, "GM shouldn't be spending millions of dollars running spots during the Super Bowl because the company is just coming out of bankruptcy and should spend its money more prudently." I've seen variations of this criticism on line and heard it from several people at the Detroit Auto Show a few weeks ago.

  • The Mexican drug wars have resulted in more than 15,000 deaths in 2010 alone and the violence is so bad that US companies are declining to open new manufacturing plants in the country. Mexico’s elite, including corporate executives and political leaders, have ordered armored cars in droves to protect themselves. To meet this growing demand, companies like International Armoring Corporation are selling many more of these vehicles. IAC estimates the total number of personal armored cars sold to Me

    What goes into making armored cars? How are typical sedans and SUVs transformed into mobile fortresses? Click to find out!