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  • Even if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy—those making over $250,000 a year—are taken away, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be paying more in taxes, according to one tax expert.

  • Hewlett Packard raised it's bid for 3Par to $30.00 a share, or about $2 billion on Friday. This comes after Dell matched HP's previously increased bid earlier this morning.

  • Futures rallied a few points as the second estimate to GDP estimate comae in at 1.6 percent for the second quarter, higher than the 1.4 percent increase expected. This is the second data point a bit better than expected in as many days (following yesterday's initial claims report for the week) and breaks a string of worse-than-expected economic news.

  • Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett Packard raised its bid for 3Par to $27.00 a share, a value of $1.8 billion on Thursday.

  • Trader's lament: oversold, but no bounce in prices...or volumes. We are oversold; big material, industrial and bank stocks have not had a good month. Some big names are down 10 percent this month. Here's the problem...

  • This is a contested situation where you want to maintain being the superior bid. Dell is clearly saying that 3PAR is a strategic asset for the company because of its cloud-based storage.

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    Members of the Federal Reserve, led by chairman Ben Bernanke, are meeting at their annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo. All eyes and ears will be on Bernanke's remarks to the group on Friday, which will be his first public comments since the Fed announced it will use  proceeds from  mortgage bonds to buy Treasury securities.

  • Guidance for FY 2011 is for operating profit growth better than 2 percent. But with North America still contributing about 40 percent of the profits, even that lackluster guidance may not be a slam dunk.

  • The present administration is waging an “undeclared oblivious war against equities,” Cramer said Wednesday.

  • Joe Terranova of Virtus Investment Partners is making a pitch for Occidental Petroleum. Does his trade speak to you?

  • Plus, get calls on retail, gold, dividends and more.

  • Sanofi Aventis

    In the last two days Sanofi has hired a proxy solicitor and its bankers have become more aggressive in seeking out the opinions of Genzyme shareholders about what price they would accept in a hostile offer.

  • S&P futures dipped about 3 points following a weaker-than-expected durable goods report. The Dow & S&P are now poised to fall for the 5th straight day in a row. The S&P has not had a 5-day losing streak since the end of June/beginning of July. The major indices are all hovering at their lowest levels since the start of July. And the declines haven’t been limited to the US...

  • Here’s what the president needs to do to help the markets.

  • Cramer defends Treasury Secretary Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

  • Economist Joseph Stiglitz warned that Europe is at risk of going into a double-dip. Meanwhile, Greece's 10-year climbed 30 basis points to 10.55 percent causing renewed concerns about the health of its economy. For right now it looks like the European recovery is showing signs of weakening and possibly sliding back.

  • Spreads of sovereign debt are wider in several peripheral European countries, and stocks are down in Ireland, Greece and Spain. The S&P 500 is at a four-week low; the yield on the 10-year US Treasury note is back to the lowest yield since March 2009.

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    In Senate primaries in Arizona, Florida and Alaska, veteran politicians are poised to brush back charges from insurgent outsiders and move on to the general election—possibly showing that the anti-incumbent mood of the electorate has started to soften.

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    Five years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, the city's mayor said its recovery—slowed by the Gulf oil spill—will take at least another five years.

  • Stay away from Treasurys as they’ve been rallying since 1981 - equivalent to a 19-year bull run, said Marc Faber, editor & publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.