Best Buy: The Big Box Fights Back

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Best Buy, the last man standing in the big box electronics showdown, is now fighting to stay relevant in a digital world. CNBC takes you inside the giant brick & mortar retailer as it evolves to compete in the virtual shopping universe.

In the world of consumer electronics, Best Buy is often considered the 'last man standing' — a title both flattering and daunting. What started as a local record store 45 years ago is now a national big box giant with more than 1100 stores. In recent years, the retailer has seen its profits dwindle, due to intense online competition, high overhead costs and declining sales. Best Buy has faced many challenges in its history but has always managed to bounce back. In an age when smart phone apps can compare prices on the spot, can this behemoth keep itself from becoming just a showroom for competitor's websites? CNBC Correspondent Tyler Mathisen goes behind the scenes of Best Buy during the Black Friday frenzy, profiles CEO Brian Dunn, meets the Geek Squad, and reports on how the big box is fighting back.

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