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A Hollywood stuntwomen, a Victoria's Secret photographer, and an inner-city music teacher. Discover why these people believe they have the Best Jobs Ever.

Unless you're a Powerball winner, or you've inherited a large sum of money, chances are you have to wake up every day, go to work and make a living. For most people, a job is just a job, little more than a way to pay the bills. But what if work were more like play? What if, instead of living for the weekend, you lived for Monday morning? There are people who feel that way; you just have to find them. We did.

Some of the "best jobs ever" featured in this hour are no-brainers: A photographer who shoots for Victoria's Secret and a Hollywood stuntwoman working on major motion pictures and television series. Others are more subtle, more subjective: A Detroit music teacher who's changing and even saving lives by giving inner-city teens a positive place to go after school. Spend some time watching the people profiled in this hour and you'll see why they all believe they have one of the "best jobs ever."

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  • Ryan Harris spends his days at the beach building the world’s first ecologically friendly surfboards. Of course, he also tests the products.“I get dirty like a 5-year-old every single day, covered in dust, covered in resin and then get to clean up and go home and then do it all over again. I love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Harris said.Harris and his partners opened their shop in May 2011, and business is already booming with a typical shortboard going for $600, significantly more expe
    By: Brielle Jaekel|CNBC Intern

    For most people, a job is just a job, little more than a way to pay the bills. But what if, instead of living for the weekend, you lived for Monday morning? Here are some people who do just that!

  • Best Jobs Ever: Classic Car Club Manhattan

    Buying the most exotic cars with other people's money, getting to drive them fast and keeping their 300-plus exclusive members happy. Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley are co-owners of Classic Car Club Manhattan.

  • Best Jobs Ever:  Lego Professional

    Nathan Sawaya was a successful corporate lawyer who gave up a six-figure salary to play with Legos for a living back in 2004. Some lean times followed, but today he is a successful Lego Certified Professional whose work can be seen around the world in museums and fine art galleries.

  • Best Jobs Ever: Hollywood Stuntwoman

    Some people fall into their careers, but Alisa Hensley falls, crashes, dives, rides, kicks and fights as part of her job. The former English Lit major now kicks butt full-time as a professional stuntwoman. Her resume includes the NBC television show 'Chuck.'

  • Best Jobs Ever: Eco Boardworks

    Ryan Harris begins his day at 6am, surfing the waves at his local break. He's co-owner of Eco Boardworks, the world's first full scale eco surfboard production facility. Harris has struck the perfect balance between work and play.

  • Best Jobs Ever: Victoria's Secret Photographer

    Australian Russell James is the go-to photographer for Victoria's Secret, whose ad campaigns yield hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. In the end it's all on Russell's shoulders to get that perfect shot.

  • Best Jobs Ever: Music Teacher

    Victoria Miller is a beloved music teacher who has been coaching Detroit middle and high school marching bands for nearly 40 years. She always wanted to work with young people. An accomplished pianist herself, Miller's guiding principle has always been, "Nothing Is Impossible."

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