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  • Back in the ‘50s, the Edsel seemed like such a good idea. Alas, the car was a fairly expensive gas-guzzler released just as the country was entering a recession, and became one of the most costly blunders in the history of the car industry. In the last 25 years, many technology companies have continued the tradition of ill-timed, useless and just plain bad “innovation.” In honor of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve compiled a list:

    The Edsel remains one of the most costly blunders in the history of the car industry. Many other maufacturers, however, are responsible for ill-timed, useless innovative products.

  • Innovation is occurring at a rapid pace around the globe, pushing the world economy forward while working hand-in-hand with technology. During the annual Techonomy conference from August 4-6 in Lake Tahoe, leading minds come together, focusing their energies on the problems in today’s world and how they can be solved through innovation. The conference’s organizers have highlighted 15 individuals who will carry the torch of innovation into the next decade, highlighting high-growth sectors with th

    They all share a common characteristic: they are pushing the envelope. So, who are the 15 leading innovators for the next decade? Click ahead to find out!

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    Invention and innovation can change how an economy, a company, even the human body, works.

  • In our annual CNBC rankings of our   is among the most important measures of success. States like to promote themselves as fertile ground for innovation, so we put those claims to the test. The category ranks states based on their support for innovation, with metrics including the number of patents issued to their residents, the dollar value of federal health and science research grants and deployment of broadband services rankings, per the FCC. Click ahead to see the leaders in innovation.

    States like to promote themselves as fertile ground for innovation — so we put those claims to the test. Click ahead to see the leaders in innovation.

  • Innovation has come at such a dizzying pace in recent decades that it has transformed our world in ways once only imagined in science fiction. As part of our "Future of Innovation" special report, we decided to take a look at some of the most influential innovations of the recent past. Compiling a definitive list turned out to be difficult, if not impossible — and almost certainly up for fierce debate. Nevertheless, we gave it a shot. Here is our list of the 15 of the most influential inventions

    Here is our list of the 15 of the most influential inventions over the past 50 years, created using a variety of studies as reference points, including ones from Knowledge@Wharton and Popular Mechanics.

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    Alarm bells over the lack of high tech workers in the U.S. have been ringing for years. Most analysts say the problem is worse, but some say it's overblown.

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    Faced with more service members returning without limbs from Iraq and Afghanistan, scientists, the government and private-sector companies are using new materials, tools and techniques to create sophisticated prostheses for amputees.

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    Gorilla Glass is, well, not your ordinary glass. It's also an example of how advanced manufacturing can drive  innovation, efficiency, cost-savings and job creation.

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    From clothing to sporting goods to beer bottles, companies of all kinds are using nanotechnology in the design and production of their products.

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    More than a few CEOs say it's the sad reality that jobs go unfilled. Skeptics say its a smokescreen for wanting to send jobs offshore and pay less in wages.

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    Learn how new tools, materials and tecniques can increase efiiciency and profits, and keep more high-skilled jobs at home.

  • is testing out the viability of drone delivery for small packages.

    Amid the uproar about unmanned aircraft, researchers have been experimenting with the technology for years in many fields including combat.

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    While hard  to quantify, advanced manufacturing already transcends all industries,  integrating  IT, innovation, energy efficiency and waste reduction to cut costs and boost productivity.