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Bob McTeer

Bob McTeer
Distinguished Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis, Economic Advisor to Commerce Street Capital

Bob McTeer is a Distinguished Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), covering macroeconomic issues, including monetary policy, fiscal policy, tax and education reform. NCPA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan market-oriented public policy institute headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Washington, D.C.

McTeer had a 36-year career with the Federal Reserve, including 14 years as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and member of the FOMC. His FOMC tenure coincided with Alan Greenspan’s chairmanship, including almost three years sitting next to the current chairman, Ben Bernanke.

He spent the 1970s as an economist and official of the Richmond Fed and the 1980s running its Baltimore Branch. During the 1970s and 1980s, McTeer also taught economics at several universities, including 10 years at the Johns Hopkins University.

McTeer retired from the Dallas Fed in November 2004 to become chancellor of the Texas A&M University System, which includes 9 universities with over 100,000 students, seven state agencies, and a statewide health science center.

As chancellor, McTeer worked closely with Bob Gates as president of the flagship university. McTeer’s main contribution as chancellor was amending the faculty tenure system to include the commercialization of faculty research, including the formation of businesses, the first such reform in the nation.

As president of the Dallas Fed, McTeer became known as something of a maverick because of his policy dissents and plain spoken views. The press dubbed him the “Lone Star Loner” and the “Lonesome Dove.” He says he wasn’t a dove… just a kinder and gentler hawk.

McTeer’s colorful, independent-minded reputation was no doubt enhanced by his practice of illustrating his points in speeches with poetry and country music lyrics.

McTeer has been a frequent writer for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, and he blogged briefly for the New York Times. He is a frequent guest on financial news shows and speaks all over the world. He is past president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, a national association of chairs of free enterprise and other market-oriented scholars.

McTeer has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Georgia and an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters from Austin College.

He serves on the boards of Westwood Holdings Group, Beal Bank, the Refocus Group. He is also on the advisory board of Protiviti.