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    Though many believe Social Security to be vital for the nation's well-being, most young Americans doubt the entitlement will exist when they reach retirement age.

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    As the Baby Boomers age out of their premium tax paying years, Generation X ages in. Is shifting demography moving the United States closer and closer to a federal, state, and municipal tax crisis?

  • With a recent acquisition, Ventas—a leading healthcare real estate investment trust (REIT) with a portfolio of nearly 600 healthcare properties and seniors housing assets in the U.S. and Canada—will own about 14 billion in healthcare and senior housing real estate.

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    Baby Boomers want to live longer and to live better. The convergence of Boomer expectations and technology is forging a disruptive force that will improve life tomorrow for everyone.

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    The pro-pot lobby is basically like any other: PACs and big-name contributors, and meetings at The Capitol, even the White House. It's the new Norml, so to speak. And the new message? It's the economy, dude.

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    As they approach retirement age they are witnessing the rise of the most technology-savvy digital natives in the history of humankind. Is there any way for Baby Boomers to compete with a generation that has been completely immersed in technology since birth? The answer is....

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    Many in the investment world — and even President Barack Obama's administration — are taking a fresh look at annuities, and are finding there's a lot there to like.

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    As the nation's home builders try to claw their way out of the biggest abyss in the sector's history, the future landscape is beginning to look a bit different than they once thought.

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    Saving is the new spending in the United States After several decades of Americans being the world’s consummate and most profligate spenders, we appear to have developed (all of a sudden in just the last few months) a serious fancy for saving.

  • Baby boomers who don’t want to retire to a distant locale (some place warmer or cheaper) may be causing a long-term drag on the U.S. housing sector – and the economy. According to a survey done by Home Depot – 89% of older Americans want to stay in their present houses for as long as possible. But companies like Home Depot are seeing a business opportunity in reaching out to boomers who want to stay put.