Top News & Analysis Boston

  • Did Terrorist Have Additional Targets in Mind?

    Mitchell Silber, K2 Intelligence executive managing director, discusses the motivation behind the terrorist attack. And, former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, shares his insights on public safety, and the importance of human intelligence.

  • Police Zeroing in on the Suspect

    CNBC's Bill Griffeth reports live from his hotel on the events unfolding in Boston. And, James Cavanaugh, former ATF special agent, discusses the key tactical resources used in tracking down the final suspect.

  • 'I Suspect This is Going to End in Death': CIA Expert

    "This looks to me like a closed cell," says Philip Mudd, CIA's Counterterrorist Center, discussing whether or not there are likely others involved in the Boston bombing.

  • Capturing Boston Bomber Alive: Expert

    Chad Sweet, former CIA director of operation, explains why it's important to capture the suspect alive, if possible, for interrogation.

  • Bombing Suspect Identified As Brothers From Russia

    CNBC's Scott Cohn has the latest details on the hunt for the Boston bombing suspect. And, Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group president, addresses reports that the two suspects, identified as brothers, are from Russia, near Chechnya. Also, Peter Grupe, former SAIC/NY FBI, talks about the scope of the search for the remaining suspect.

  • Gov. Patrick: This is an Active Manhunt

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick gives an update on the search for the suspect in the Boston bombing.

  • Boston Terrorist Timeline: Coombs

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs follows the events that led up to the killing and hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers.

  • Why Boston Bombers Targeted US: Woolsey

    James Woolsey, former CIA director, discusses the ideological impulses behind terrorist targets.

  • 'These Folks Are Hardcore': Security Expert

    John Timoney, former Miami police chief, provides a profile of terrorists and terrorist pods and the techniques law enforcement uses to keep them under surveillance and eventually catch them. And, CNBC's Scott Cohn reports the latest details on the police investigation in Boston.

  • Boston Police Urge People to Stay Indoors

    Art Hogan, Lazard, discusses the difficult time he had getting into his Boston office today, as police urge people to stay at home.

  • 'Still Dangerous' Situation in Boston: Expert

    Chuck Pena, Independent Institute senior fellow, weighs in on the "technical know-how" the suspects acquired in carrying out the Boston attack, and whether there are other people involved in the plot.

  • Boston Schools, Transit Systems Closed As Search Continues

    The "Squawk Box" news team, along with NBC News, report Watertown is in lockdown as police search door-to-door for the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

  • Suspects in Boston Bombings Are Brothers: Report

    The "Squawk Box" news team, along with NBC News, report police are warning Watertown residents to stay inside and not answer their doors, as they search for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

  • Who Are These Suspects in Boston Bombings?

    Roger Cressey, former member of the U.S. National Security Council, predicts law enforcement officials will capture the bomb suspect "very, very quickly." And, he also addresses whether there is a "domestic component" in the attack.

  • Sounds Like They Didn't Act Alone: Former FBI Agent

    Jeff Lanza, former FBI Agent, told CNBC the Boston bombing suspects may have acted alone, but "my thought is there is other people involved from a direction standpoint."

  • Terrorism in Boston: One Suspect Dead, Another on the Run

    CNBC's Scott Cohn reports the latest detail on the Boston bombings case. As one suspect is killed and the other remains at large.

  • Manhunt for Boston Bombings Suspect Ongoing

    NBC reports on the ground, live from Watertown as a manhunt is on the way for the second marathon bombings suspect.

  • Two young men, armed with guns and explosives in what appeared to be backpacks, engaged in a violent standoff with dozens of police on a street in Watertown, Mass., Thursday night, a resident said.

  • FBI Asks For Tips on Bomb Suspects

    Discussing the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, with Chris Swecker, Former FBI assistant director; Philip Mudd, New America Foundation; and Andrew McCarthy, Former Federal prosecutor.

  • FBI Releases Suspect Photos

    NBC's Jonathan Vigliotti reports the latest in the Boston marathon bombings investigation; and Chris Swecker, Former FBI assistant director; Philip Mudd, New America Foundation; and Andrew McCarthy, Former Federal prosecutor