BRICs and Beyond

  • Every year, friends of mine head up to Hong Kong to go shopping. Not at the swanky boutiques in Central or the funky shops in Causeway Bay. Nope, they go to the warehouse outlets on the other side of Hong Kong Island. Why?

  • Harish Manwani either has a dream job or a nightmare position. You decide.

  • Alright, be honest. When you hear the words "sovereign wealth funds", don't you also hear, ever so faintly in the background... that evil empire theme from "Star Wars?"

  • These are scary times for banking regulators around the world. Bank runs, bankruptcies, a crisis of confidence etc. These are not factors leading up to the Great Depression, but rather, ripped from today's headlines. Things that would probably keep even Alan Greenspan awake at night!  Ben and Hank have definitely lost sleep this past month...

  • Has BRIC Hit the Wall?

    As BRIC nations -- Brazil, Russia, India and China, struggle with inflation and domestic over-heating, are investors better off investing in frontier markets like the Middle East and North Africa? CNBC's Maura Fogarty reveals the answer.

  • oil_barrels_money.jpg

    As OPEC ministers arrive for their Wednesday meeting in Vienna, most traders and analysts are more focused on charts than chatter, believing OPEC will leave current production quotas intact.

  • Propelling India's Future Growth

    India's most precious asset is her people. CNBC TV18's Tanvir Gill reports on how the country is leveraging and investing on its human resources to propel India's future growth.

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    The market hasn't realized the significance for the dollar of last week's meeting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, this analyst says.

  • Russia: Still an Attractive Investment Destination?

    In 2007, Russia attracted more foreign direct investments than India and Brazil. But will this continue, after a new year brought about fresh uncertainties on its political and economic front? CNBC's Sri Jegarajah reports.

  • China Moves Up the Value Chain

    China's economy has grown leaps and bounds since its "Opening and Reform Policy" was implemented 30 years ago. Cheng Lei reveals how the country plans to enter into a new phase of its integration into the global economy.

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    The Western world has run out of ideas and is "finished financially" while emerging economies across the world will continue to grow, David Murrin, CIO at Emergent Asset Management told CNBC on the tenth anniversary of coining of the so-called BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, by Goldman Sachs' Jim O'Neill.

  • Staying Financially Sound

    China banking regulator Liu Mingkang gives his take on lessons learnt from previous financial crises and his insights on how Chinese banks can strike a balance between policy and profits.

  • Emerging India

    Various analysts give their take on India's rise to power and the issues it faces in this web-exclusive "BRICS & Beyond" video.

  • Unilever Cashes-in on Emerging Markets

    As emerging markets constitute nearly half of Unilever's business, Harish Manwani, the firm's president for Asia, Africa, Central & E. Europe, sheds light on what some of the challenges & opportunities are in that market.

  • China Banks' Global Ambitions

    Bank of China management executive Zhu Min explains what would make a good Wall Street deal and the progress Chinese banks need to make in order to become globally competitive.

  • The Rising Role of SWFs

    As Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) in emerging markets become bigger players in the global economy, Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group talks to CNBC's Maura Fogarty about what this means and if this will shift the global balance of power.

  • Should Chinese banks seize the opportunity to snap up Wall Street bargains? Send us your thoughts now!