Business Model: Inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

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It’s a multi-million-dollar secret kept under wraps every year. Six undisclosed locations, 18 bikini-clad models and 155,000 images to choose from. But when the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is finally revealed, it will be a global sensation like no other.

CNBC takes an unprecedented look inside the most profitable single-issue magazine franchise in the world. Find out how business, beauty, fashion and sports come together to create this much-anticipated, multi-dimensional franchise that alone generated 7 percent of Sports Illustrated's advertising revenue in 2009.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue means big business not only for parent company Time Inc., but also for the models, advertisers, fashion designers and locations that grace its pages. Rovell gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the scouting, set-up and inner-workings of the photo shoots as he travels to one of the exquisite undisclosed locations and interviews the models vying for the ultimate prize — being featured on the cover of this year’s issue and becoming a household name.

Web Extras

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Julie Henderson

    Go onto model Julie Henderson's Swimsuit shoot in Chile's Atacama Desert and see what it was like to pose in a bathing suit on a horse.

  • How Tough is it to Take a Photo?

    CNBC'€™s Darren Rovell asks Sports Illustrated Photographer Walter Iooss, "how hard is it to take an unbelievable picture of a beautiful woman in a bikini?"

  • Fishnet Top

    Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor Jule Campbell, former model Cheryl Tiegs and photographer Walter Iooss discuss how the "Fishnet Top" photo came to be.

  • Carol Alt

    Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Carol Alt explains how she became a commodity.

  • Sports Illustrated Models - Pay

    Models may make mega-money in advertising or as the face of a product, but magazines, like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, pay several hundreds of dollars a day.

  • Kathy Ireland Cover

    Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kathy Ireland tells CNBC's Darren Rovell how amazing it was to be on the cover considering her personal circumstances.

  • Kathy Ireland - Socks

    CNBC'€™s Darren Rovell and Kathy Ireland discuss her businesses outside of modeling for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

  • Kathy Ireland – First Job

    Kathy Ireland sits with CNBC's Darren Rovell and tells him about her first job and the lessons learned.

  • Twitter

    Since 1964, the secrecy surrounding Sports Illustrated's swimsuit models and locations have created year-round anticipation. But, for the 2010 issue, the staff used social-media web site Twitter to build the buzz and give readers a taste of what's to come.

  • A Model Business

    Here we look at some of the lesser-known facts behind one of the best selling magazine issues of all time.

  • SI_Quiz_Graphic.jpg

    How much do you know about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Take the following quiz and find out.

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