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Cadie Thompson

Technology Reporter,

Cadie Thompson is a technology reporter on CNBC's Enterprise Team.

She joined CNBC in 2009 as a news associate working on Special Reports for She worked on a range of projects including CNBC's Emmy-nominated Special Report about the financial crisis, Boom, Bust, Blame: The Inside Story of America's Economic Crisis; CNBC's Marijuana & Money Special Report; and America's Top States for Business. She also covered earnings during earnings season.

She moved to the consumer beat in 2010 writing primarily for CNBC's Consumer Nation, where she covered ecommerce, consumer electronics and mobile trends in retail.

Later she helped launch CNBC's NetNet blog and joined as a Web producer and regular contributor. While working with the NetNet team, she has covered Wall Street culture and global economic news.

She moved to the tech beat in 2012, where she started covering VCs, start-ups, publicly traded tech companies and cybersecurity.

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in journalism and religious studies. She also was a beat reporter at The Oklahoma Daily for four years.

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