Carbon Challenge

  • Biomass wood pellets

    The U.S. forest industry is learning it's  no longer easy being green—and that might not be a bad thing when it comes to government support during tough economic times.

  • EVI_truck2_200.jpg

    Though some progress has been made with electric and hybrid vehicles, battery technology remains deficient, especially for the critical long-haul segment of the business.

  • The Carbon Challenge

    Carbon may be the next great investment opportunity but private capital is still trying to get its arms around around it. The ideal carbon investment structure may be a hybrid of private equity and hedge funds models.

  • tractor_traiiler_exhaust_200.jpg

    President Obama’s push for higher fuel-efficiency standards for diesel-guzzling, long-haul trucks may be laudable but is probably unachievable by the target date without more development of key technologies,

  • The Carbon Challenge

    Ahead-of-the-curve retail investors looking to play carbon as a commodity may want to bone up on the facts while they are waiting to for the nascent market to scale up.

  • A worker installs solar panels at the Lieberose Solar Park in Lieberose, Germany.

    The Obama administration may be tempted to wage a two-front war on climate change and joblessness by pushing for green jobs in the renewable energy sector, but such a strategy will mean committing to a long campaign.

  • Carbon Tax

    “I’m estimating carbon markets could be worth $2 trillion in transaction value – money changing hands – within five years of trading (starting),” says one federal regulator.

  • The Carbon Challenge

    The potential economic impact of a carbon market seems to divide American industry as much as talk about healthcare reform may divide a family at Sunday dinner.

  • Light Bulbs

    One Republican looking to lead the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee in the next Congress wants to take on a law that some say costs American jobs and limits consumer light bulb choice.

  • automax_200.jpg

    The nation's rail industry is slimming down to gain new customers. Lighter construction materials and improved engines and wheel components have yielded big gains in fuel efficiency and freight capacity.

  • smog_air_pollution_540.jpg

    Green or sustainability is now such a broad and deep subject, so multi-dimensional, that even the most aware and informed have trouble keeping up. At the same time, some still don't get it, and in that way green is a bit fuzzy. There's nothing fuzzy about carbon, however. It's as old as the world as we know it and the core of our energy supply.

  • dynamic_fuels_plant_200.jpg

    Recent advances, like a Tyson Foods plant that turns animal fat into diesel fuel, are breeding confidence in the sector

  • Carbon Emission

    Nine chief executives and chairmen from around the world have signed up for an exclusive CNBC initiative, "The Carbon Council", aimed at identifying opportunities in clean technology and the larger business of sustainability. 

  • recyclable_200.jpg

    Can you cash in on climate change? Barely a day passes it seems without a new green fund launch, or another ETF bundling together a collection of stocks in companies that have green credentials.

  • green_badge.jpg

    As global leaders prepare for December's Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, CNBC is speaking to heads of business from around the world to reflect on the summit, discuss plans for reducing emissions and investment opportunities.

  • Solar CSIQ

    In some places in the U.S. today, roof-rop solar photovoltaic, PV, technology already allows residential and commercial users to beat what their local utility charges for electricity generated from coal-fired power plants.

  • Carbon Emission

    With carbon cap-and-trade legislation before Congress and increasing pressure from shareholders, US companies know they’ll have to deal with their greenhouse gas emissions, or carbon footprint, and many are jumping the gun to change their carbon liability into an asset.

  • Skyline solar array field.

    In its bid to generate the cheapest electricity, Skyline Solar is using reflective metal troughs, cranked out in the auto industry,  to focus the sun's energy onto a typical solar photovoltaic cell.

  • Offshore_wind_200.jpg

    Offshore wind proponents got a big boost recently when the Internet giant announced it would invest in key transmission infrastructure off the US Mid-Atlantic coast, as part of the firm’s on-going, clean-energy investments.

  • off shore oil rig

    A new bill in the House of Representatives would use a reverse auction process to allocate future federal oil royalties to the best renewable energy projects and technologies.