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  • Bartz 'Frustrated' With Political Leaders

    "I'm so frustrated, I can't watch anymore," said Carol Bartz, former Yahoo! CEO, sharing her thoughts on Washington.

  • Is Yahoo! Picking Up the Pace?

    Carol Bartz, former Yahoo! CEO, provides her perspective on the future Yahoo! "I love Yahoo!," she said.

  • *Citi, Yahoo, AIG examples show more aggressive boards. NEW YORK, Oct 24- In the summer of 2011, Yahoo Inc's board decided enough was enough. So, the board held a final meeting in Los Angeles, away from Yahoo's Silicon Valley headquarters, to review the company's progress, a source familiar with the matter said.

  • Former Yahoo Chief on Marissa Mayer

    Carol Bartz, former CEO of Yahoo, offers her own thoughts on her successor at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer.

  • Ross Levinsohn

    Yahoo's restless shareholders let interim CEO Ross Levinsohn know that they won't give him much time to fix the troubled company if he gets the job on a permanent basis.

  • businesswomen-meeting-200.jpg

    Reshaping a time-worn narrative isn't easy. Social revolutions rarely are, especially when you're a woman trying to break into the boys' club that is Silicon Valley. But an emerging class of early-stage tech start-up executives is helping dispel the notion that there isn't a leading role for them in the male-dominated valley.

  • Sharpen Your Heels by Mrs. Moneypenny with Heather McGregor

    Is it possible for a woman to have it all - a great career and a fabulous family? Mrs. Moneypenny says your dreams of having it all, may be "severely deluded."

  • Winners & Losers - A CNBC Special Report

    For the first time in our survey, not one newsmaker emerged a winner. See how President Obama, Bernanke, Brian Moynihan and others fared.

  • Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz

    As we seek your votes on this year's candidates, you’ll note that we have few repeats from 2010 and only one person who  also made our inaugural list of 2009.

  • commuters-blurry-93.jpg

    Women may be happy about the strides they’ve made in corporate America, but they’re hardly satisfied.

  • Yahoo!

    One company dominates online news, sports and finance. It has more visitors to its news site than the runner-up in the category, CNN, more in sports than ESPN and more in finance than Dow Jones, owner of The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times reports.

  • The exterior of Yahoo! corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

    Yahoo  has been contacted by potential bidders, including private equity firm Silver Lake, for part or all of the Internet company, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, quoting unnamed sources.

  • The exterior of Yahoo! corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

    Just out: Dan Loeb's letter slamming the Yahoo board.

  • CEOs That Need to Go?

    A look at which tech CEOs need to go before their companies can grow, with Colin Gillis, BGC Partners.