Treasure Detectives

Catherine Knebel

Catherine Knebel is Curtis Dowling's research assistant.

Knebel is a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering in Iowa and in 2012 was a top five finalist in the Indiana Auctioneer Championship Bid Calling Contest. She developed a passion and appreciation for antiques and collectibles at an early age and loves to learn about the unique history of each piece. She was raised on an Angus Cattle Farm in Indiana. She attended Purdue University.

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Meet the Team

  • Curtis Dowling is a world-renowned fakes and forgeries detective featured in CNBC's new reality series "Treasure Detectives."

  • Catherine Knebel is Curtis Dowling's research assistant and a treasure detective with an auctioneer's background.

  • Andy Smith is the treasure detective with people skills.

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