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    President Obama's much-anticipated plan to deal with the U.S. housing crisis aims to help as many as 9 million families avoid foreclosure on their homes.

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    Global stocks were mostly higher Thursday as recent selling pressure eased and safe-haven buying of the dollar and gold subsided, but reminders of the global economic gloom and financial sector woes kept investors cautious.

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    President Obama's much-anticipated plan to deal with the U.S. housing crisis aims to help as many as 9 million families avoid foreclosure on their homes, one of the root causes of the global financial meltdown.

  • The euro rebounded Wednesday after falling to 2-1/2 month lows against the dollar the previous day. Gold also traded higher, above $970 an ounce, as investors steered clear of stocks on global economy worries.

  • A year ago UK lending facility Northern Rock was nationalized by the government. Since then, there has been the nationalization and saving of many more financial institutions worldwide.

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    It may seem like the country that used to make everything is on the brink of making nothing.

  • Hey, China got it right. Why couldn't we?

  • As brutal as it sounds, Cramer says, not every bank will make it.

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    The U.S. Congress was expected to pass a $789 billion economic stimulus package aimed at unleashing large spending and tax cuts to help yank the economy out of a 14-month recession.

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    The auto industry is set for a complete overhaul.  Over in China, the local auto sector also looks set to undergo a consolidation phase as intense competition and a sales slump is likely to force out smaller manufacturers.

  • It takes real intelligence and discipline to succinctly express something worthwhile. Brevity is not only the soul of wit, it’s the key to communicating something memorable that really sticks.

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    US lawmakers prepared Thursday to pass a $789 billion stimulus package to revive the struggling economy in a victory for President Barack Obama that some warned may have costly consequences.

  • Global stocks were down again Thursday as investors floated back into safe havens on concerns of a drawn-out economic recovery. Experts interviewed on CNBC are still fans of gold, especially after the precious metal hit a 6-1/2 month high.

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    Banking leaders who benefited from a federal bailout are bringing a message of accommodation and gratitude to Congress, hoping for a better reception than the one given Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

  • Although global stock markets plummeted Wednesday, with investors disappointed by the new US financial rescue plan, experts tell CNBC the US stock market could rally next week.

  • You probably thought Jim would tear the Treasury secretary apart. But instead he found hope for a recovery.

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    The Obama administration's financial-rescue plan contains a number of measures meant to ease the credit crunch, including a public-private initiative to take bad assets off of banks' balance sheets.

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    The Obama administration pushed back the announcement of a keenly awaited bank rescue plan until Tuesday as it pressed lawmakers to settle their differences over a huge economic stimulus package.

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    The Democratic-led Senate will try again to pass a $937 billion stimulus package aimed at boosting the battered economy as some of the worst unemployment data in decades boosted political pressure for a deal.

  • Where’s that infrastructure build-out we were promised? What about the job creation? Why is the new president’s stimulus package such a disappointment? China got it right.