CNBC Anchors and Reporters

Chuck Camlic

Anchor, CNBC

Chuck Camlic is the morning anchor for CNBC Radio. Camlic has covered business news for more than half of his 30 year career in radio and TV broadcasting, most of that time spent with CNBC, where he began in 1994. His work in TV also took him to other networks, such as CNN and Fox News Channel, where he worked as senior producer and senior writer.

Camlic began his journalism career in radio as a news reader at a small station in a town some servicemen and women may know: Waynesville, Mo., the home of Fort Leonard Wood. From there, he served at stations throughout the country, including New York City, Kansas City and elsewhere, as program director, news director, production director, even special events coordinator.

On his own, Camlic has syndicated two radio programs on movie trivia, which he produced and distributed. He also served as a narrator for the Long Island Lyric Opera Company.

Prior to his current radio role, Camlic worked with "The Wall Street Journal Report" with Maria Bartiromo, a CNBC production, and with "The Early Today Show," also produced at CNBC.

Chuck has received several awards for his charitable work, including recognition from the American Diabetes Association; and from the National Association of Broadcasters for his work following the 9/11 attacks on America.


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