City Limits


CNBC's first ever live weekend entertainment programme will broadcast from the heart of London with segments from Madrid and Amsterdam, offering viewers an exciting, alternative insight into these much loved European cities. City Limits: Live will unearth hidden treasures from each destination with a focus on the coolest bars and restaurants, off the beaten track clubs and music venues and undiscovered art and food scenes.

Kate Thornton and Rick Edwards will guest present CNBC's City Limits: Live with Melvin O'Doom hitting the streets in London, Levi Van Kempen in Amsterdam and Javier 'Maldo' Maldonado in Madrid. During the programme the intrepid guest reporters will face a daring challenge designed to bring an element of fun and competition to the programme. Travel gurus will also be on hand throughout the show in the studio with tips and advice on how to get the best from our favourite cities.

In the lead up to and throughout the programme viewers are encouraged to tweet in pictures that best represent their city and the places that they recommend to visit, so get the inside track and follow all the action on @cnbcworld #openyourcity.

The live one-hour show will transmit across Europe between 6-7pm (UK) on Saturday, 20th September 2014. CNBC is available on all major pay-tv platforms. In the UK on Sky (channel 505), Virgin (613) and Freesat (210).

  • London: City Limits

    While London is one of the world's most happening cities, City Limits: LIVE reveals a London that rocks to a surprising vibe.

  • Madrid : City Limits

    Madrid is where you'll find the real Spain. Its nightlife is legendary so we'll be zipping around the capital's culinary hotspots, nightclubs, and music venues.

  • Amsterdam : City Limits

    We'll be going behind Amsterdam's famous 17th Century buildings to reveal a very different place; bringing you the unique colour and flavour of the city.


Studio Hosts

Kate Thornton @k8_thornton

Rick Edwards @rickedwards1

Location Presenters

London: Melvin O’Doom @Melvinodoom

Amsterdam: Levi van Kempen @levivankempen



Live: 1900 CET 20th September

Repeat 1: 1700 CET 21st September

Repeat 2: 1700 CET 27th September


Live: 0200 SGT 21st September

Repeat 1: 1600 SGT 21st September

Repeat 2: 1600 SGT 27th September

Australia/New Zealand

Live: 0400 AEST 2st September

Repeat 1: 1900 AEST 21st September

Repeat 2: 1900 AEST 27th September