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    Credit default swaps, also known as CDS, act as insurance against default, but these financial instruments are actually used in a number of complex ways. How are credit default swaps employed, and what is the rationale for these securities?

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    When there is a disparity in interest rates between countries, investors have an opportunity to employ a currency trading strategy called the carry trade.

  • Cattle at Hunter Haven Dairy Farm in Pearl City, Ill.

    Congress' wrangling for months over a new farm bill has brought us to the edge of a "dairy cliff" that could make milk prices soar.

  • The U.S. Capitol Building

    What is the debt ceiling and what happens if Congress decides not to raise it? CNBC's Economic Reporter Steve Liesman explains.

  • The debt ceiling is a cap set by Congress on how much the federal government can borrow to pay its debts.

  • There are a lot of debt ceiling myths floating around. Here are six of the most dangerous.

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    If you understand inflation, deflation is simply the flip side of the coin. In fact, sometimes it referred to as “negative inflation.”

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    There are times when websites — particularly financial sites — are purposely disrupted. These are called denial of service attacks. CNBC explains.


    The term Dodd-Frank refers to a comprehensive and complicated piece of financial regulation born out of the Great Recession of 2008. But what does it do and how does it really work? CNBC explains.

  • A clerk handles dollars and euros at a money exchange office in Paris.

    The dollar-euro parity signifies an ongoing trend in changing money supplies and disparate global central bank policies.

  • A screen displays news on the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Oct. 15, 2014.

    Most managers compete against the S&P 500, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average remains the granddaddy of stock indexes, for good reason.

  • DartDrones co-founder Abby Speicher (left) trains people to operate drones. Here she instructs how to fly a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus near Babson College on May 26, 2015.

    GoPro is going drone, and Chinese drone giant DJI has teamed with a VC firm to launch a drone fund. But are enough drone laws taking flight?

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