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    Mutual funds make up a large portion of America’s retirement funds and investments. Understanding how these funds operate should be a big part of anyone’s financial knowledge. Salman Khan of the Khan Academy explains.

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    For those who are fuzzy on the topic, Khan of the Khan Academy explains what Libor is and how it is used.

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) trader

    A couple of devices that major exchanges use to stop manipulation or extreme volatility in the markets are called "limit up, limit down." CNBC explains what these are and how they work.

  • Listeria bacteria.

    Blue Bell recalled all its products after listeria was found in several samples.

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    Salman Khan of the Khan Academy explains put options, which are contracts you purchase if you think a stock will go down in the near future.

  • A new study underscores the financial advantages of leasing over buying, but it also points to a potential alternative.

CNBC Explains

  • In mid-May 2021, billionaire Elon Musk sent a tweet that crashed the cryptocurrency market. The Tesla CEO announced the electric vehicle company would no longer accept bitcoin for purchases due to its huge energy consumption. So why does crypto-mining use so much electricity, and is there a sustainable alternative? CNBC's Nessa Anwar is joined by Ryan Browne to explain.

  • The G-7 or Group of Seven is an organization made up of world's "most influential" and "advanced" economies. Every year, the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan gather to talk global affairs. But why seven countries and what does the group actually do? CNBC's Silvia Amaro is joined by Steve Sedgwick to explain.

  • India's deadly second wave of Covid-19 dealt a devastating blow to its people and its economy. So how did things get so bad, and what steps does the country need to make a full recovery? CNBC's Timothyna Duncan is joined by Tanvir Gill to explain.