• Fed's Bullard: 'I Have Worried About Hysteresis'

    St. Louis Fed President James Bullard speaks to the importance of financial literacy.

  • Experts guide viewers to choosing best financial plans.

  • Primary school students are not being provided with the education they need to become smart money managers as adults, but that may be changing.

  • Beginner's Guide to Investing

    "Fast Money" trader Tim Seymour shares his beginning investor tips. Also, how to play stocks hitting new highs, including JetBlue, Yahoo, Verizon and McDonald's.

  • 'Let's Hope the Fed's Got It Right': Expert

    Stephen Roach, Yale University senior fellow, discusses how the Fed is facilitating the government's fiscal financing by buying up a 'big chunk of the deficit."

  • First Steps In DIY Investing

    How beginners should build a portfolio, with "Fast Money" trader Jon Najarian.

  • What Works: Socially Conscious vs. Sin Stocks

    George Schwartz, Ave Maria Funds president and CEO, explains how to profit from investing in companies that focus on social issues, and reveals his top three picks.

  • Building a Portfolio For Beginners

    Looking to start an investment portfolio? "Don't get crazy, start with 6-8 stocks," explains "Fast Money" trader Guy Adami. Also, how to play Netflix and other stocks requested on Twitter.

  • Financial Literacy: Investing in Asia

    Stephen Roach, Yale University senior fellow, shares his thoughts on how China's changing economic model will impact Asian markets and the U.S. economy.

  • Investment Pro's Most Memorable Investment

    Ted Leonsis, Revolution Growth Fund partner, shares what he learned from creating what he calls a "double bottom line."

  • Pros Reveal Most Memorable Investment

    To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, Barry Knapp, Barclays; and Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets, discuss their most unforgettable financial decisions.

  • Policymakers and researchers are looking for low-cost ways to get people on the right financial track. The solutions may be simpler than we think.

CNBC U: Financial Literacy

  • Quintanilla: Taking Stock of Your Finances

    How closely do you pay attention to the details of your investments and debts? April is financial literacy month and a good time to take stock in your finances and goals.

  • Bartiromo: Plan for Your Future

    Evaluate your financial know-how with CNBC during April, which is financial literacy month. It's not just about managing your investments, it's about planning for the future and making the most of your money.

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    Here at CNBC we talk about money every day, but financial literacy is more just managing investments. It's about managing life's opportunities and difficulties.