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  • Asian markets cheered steps taken by global policymakers to "avoid Armageddon", as Hans Goetti CIO, LGT Bank in Liechtenstein says. But he cautions investors that today's rally is not the start of a new bull market.

  • Risk aversion took a back seat Thursday as investors sought the high-yielding Australian dollar after it took a huge beating in the previous session.

  • After looking at how badly Asian stock markets suffered today, investors might be tempted to jump back into equities. Afterall, a good bargain doesn't stop some from reaching into their pockets.

  • Playing the stock market these days isn't quite for the faint-hearted. With such wild swings seen over the last few weeks, investors have to be fully armored before joining the roller coaster ride.

  • These are turbulent times for investors. How do you keep the wealth you have intact? That's the  question we've posed to analysts on CNBC Asia and this is what they have to say. 

  • Garnett Keith, head of Seabridge Investment Advisors, explains how he became one of Blackstone’s first investors.

  • As the Federal Open Market Committee prepares to meet this week, Joseph LaVorgna, chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank, joined "Power Lunch" at New York's Four Seasons to discuss inflation, the economy, and how the Fed will react to the subprime mess.