Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind the Real Thing

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CNBC goes inside the world of Coca-Cola to reveal hidden labs, secret archives and the high-tech search for the next blockbuster beverage. Go to the farthest corners of the globe to discover how Coke has made itself the most recognized brand on the planet.

With unprecedented access, CNBC pulls back the curtain on Coca-Cola, the most recognizable brand on the planet. In an original one-hour documentary, "Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind the Real Thing," CNBC's Melissa Lee reveals never-before-seen labs, secret archives and high-tech product testing. Cameras follow Coke's urgent campaign to reinvent itself after years of losing ground to arch-rival Pepsi in the race to develop new, blockbuster beverages. Meet the men and women whose mission it is to put the buzz back in the bottles and see how Coke gets its drinks into the mouths of people in the farthest corners of the globe. From the production line to "Cola Wars," discover the secret that makes Coke pop.

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  • Inside the Archives

    CNBC'€™s cameras were the first to explore Coca-Cola'€™s hidden archives. Company historian Phil Mooney toured Melissa Lee through the trove of remarkable items that chart Coke's rise and impact on American culture.

  • The Santa Claus Legend

    Coca-Cola'€™s colorful history has resulted in several myths about the company'€™s power and products. Company historian Phil Mooney clarifies the legend about Coke'€™s role in Santa Claus lore.

  • The New Coke Debacle

    When New Coke was released by Coca-Cola in 1985, not everyone in the Coke "€œfamily"€ was gung-ho. Kenneth Williams, president of Corinth Coca-Cola Bottling Works in Corinth, Mississippi, recalls the trouble the drink caused.

  • The Coca-Cola logo was registered as a trademark in 1893.  The logo has remained the same in Spencerian script.  The only thing that changes is the backgrounds (red on white, white or red, disc, rectangles, etc.)

    With 123 years of history marketing brands, slogans, commercials and a worldwide distribution network Coke has made itself the most recognized brand on the planet. Click to see 123 years of evolution!

  • cramers-top-dividend-stocks-coke.jpg

    Can you tell which statements are true, and which ones are just rumors?

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  • Melissa Lee

    Melissa Lee is the host of CNBC's “Fast Money” and “Options Action.”