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  • Tale of two cities 2

    While Greeley, Colorado, has a history of shunning vice, its next door neighbor, Garden City, is known for celebrating it.

  • Greely opposition

    Roughly a third of all municipalities in Colorado have opted out of the statewide legalization of pot. The city of Greeley wants no part of legal weed.

  • Smoke-free bliss

    Similar to an e-cigarette, Open Vape pens have cartridges filled with purified cannabis oil. For the user, its discreet, smoke-free bliss.

  • A legal rocky mountain high worth billions!

    Marijuana, still illegal under federal law, is now at the center of a thriving industry that’s attracting a new breed of entrepreneurs, as Colorado becomes the first state to allow the sale of pot for recreational use.

  • Marijuana

    Colorado's newly legal pot economy is barely more than a month old, and the nascent industry is already making marijuana brownies look stale.

  • A map showing the states where customers have come from is displayed at a marijuana dispensary in Denver.

    Families looking to move to a state where marijuana use is legal may find that hunting for a 420-friendly home is no easy feat.

  • Broken windows and doors are evidence of a recent burglary at the Timberline Herbal Clinic, owned by Yevette Williams.

    As many marijuana shops still are a cash-based business, those dispensaries have become the target of thieves, NBC News reports.

  • The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos hail from states where recreational marijuana is now legal for people over 21.

  • While dominated by small- to mid-sized merchants, forerunners to large, national marijuana brands are emerging. Is pot America's next big industry?

  • Jane Wells follows a Colorado tour company as it takes a couple of college students to see local grow houses.

  • Colorado's toke tax

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports on "high taxes" for recreational pot growers.

  • Pot business forced to pay bills in cash

    Starbuds of Denver owner Brian Ruden provides insight into the banking hurdles facing legal pot businesses, and discusses what he would tell his children about the use of marijuana.

  • Banking challenges hit pot businesses

    CNBC's Jane Wells spoke with 3D Cannabis Center manager David Martinez about the banking hurdles for legal pot businesses.

  • Pot shortage in Colorado growing?

    Colorado consumers have been allowed to legally purchase recreational marijuana for more than a week. CNBC's Jane Wells reports the state is already facing a pot shortage.

  • Holy smoke! Pot shortage hits Colorado

    In a little over a week since the legalization of recreational marijuana, residents of the Centennial State are already running out of cannabis as demand begins to outweigh supply and prices skyrocket, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

  • Colorado's new pot tourism

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports pot legalization in Colorado has brought a new breed of tourist to the state. And "pot clubs" are catering to their needs.

  • Colorado pot sales: Day 1

    Recreational pot went on sale in the state on New Year's Day. Strainwise co-founder Erin Phillips discusses sales volume and marijuana tourism.

  • A man cleans jars that will hold recreational marijuana at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver on Monday.

    Pot-friendly guides, activities and tours in Colorado are expected to expand as recreational marijuana sales become legal as of Jan. 1.

  • Colorado pot shops open tomorow

    NBC's Gabe Gutierrez reports on new marijuana law that is set to go into effect January 1st.

  • Marijuana

    The legalized marijuana experiment kicks off in earnest Wednesday, as Colorado beats Washington in opening the first licensed retail outlets.